Our story


A deep friendship and a curiosity for yoga, community, sustainability and healthy food is the foundation of our yoga holidays.

Our Story

Where it all began

This is us. Lia and Solveig, in Slovenia. Since we met in Dalarna, Sweden in 2012 we have been driven by the common cause – to create community and to explore our relationship to life. During the years of friendship Lia has become a yoga instructor and Solveig has developed a deep excitement for sustainable, healthy food and fermentation. We have also travelled through Europe in a camper van, and played music under the stars countless times.  It was an easy YES when Lia asked Solveig if they could do a project together, and it became a wonderful experience for both us and the guests. Since then it has happened over ten times, in both Slovenia and Sweden. Hopefully the tradition will last for many more years to come.

Yoga instructor

Maria Billinger

Maria was born and raised in Upper Austria, studied in Graz and then spent almost ten years in Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Slovenia until she returned to Graz in 2019. She has been a Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2014, and has also been teaching yin yoga since 2018. After completing her Kundalini Yoga training, she lived in the ashram of her teacher Shiv Charan Singh in Portugal for six months and was able to immerse herself even more deeply in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

She teaches yoga in Austria, Sweden and Slovenia. It is important to her in yoga (but also in life) that it is not about performing, but about doing yourself (and the world) good. She believes that small changes also effect the big picture, since everything is connected. In addition to yoga, her interests include music, sustainability, community and movement in nature. All of these interests can also be found in our program during the yoga holidays.

Her family and Austrian friends call her Maria, for her Swedish friends she is Lia. You choose!

Fermentation expert

Solveig Södahl

Since Solveig realized the impact of food on our bodies, on the planet and on other people along the food chain she was inspired to learn how to grow her own food in a sustainable way. One thing led to the other and since this first ideological spark she has worked with a waste-food-restaurant, become an enthusiast and teacher for fermented food and keeps enjoying growing and foraging. For her, the first step of cooking is looking around to see what sources of food can be used without excessive environmental impact. May it be waste veggies from the supermarket, wild nettles or locally grown beans

Yoga helps her get in contact with what she believes is true, and the combination of healthy food, being in nature and yoga gives Solveig satisfaction.